The Guild

Answer the Call to Arms!
-The Wayrest Warriors is a guild that will serve on the PS4 in EU, for global players.
-The Guild serves both commited role players, and gamers who simply require a friendly guild from time to time.
-The Guild will venture in Crafting, Role Playing, Player Vs Environment, and Player Vs Player.
-The Guild will have not one leader but a circle council of individuals dedicated to leading the guild through all its trials

We're hoping to grow as a community and adventure together across Tamriel, and the guild excepts warriors of all shapes and sizes, as it has done for centuries.
The Guild is based in the city of Wayrest in the Breton country of Highrock, and from there it will administrate all its operations across the continent of Tamriel.

Daggerfall Docks

The Wayrest Warriors are respected and valued by High King Emeric, as an old and honourable organisation, the guild has been left by the King to its own devices, safe in the knowledge that the guild endevaours to help and protect those in need, and fights to restore power, honour and unity to the land.

Stros M'Kai

Join us now, and adventure across tamriel as a mighty Wayrest Warrior!

The Guild's Emblem
The Chimera is said to be a powerful creature of magic from the mysterious land of Akavir, the homeland of Tuang Keng, the Snake represents the Tsaecai Serpant and the lion represents the Lion of High Rock, the goat symbolizes Tuang Kengs perilous journey through a dangerous land, and how it brought together the unification of these two peoples, to from something honourable and admirable.

(While we'd love all members to be active now, we understand that Console launch is a little while off, so feel free to apply and introuce yourself, and make sure to be active at the end of 2014 just before launch!)